Gaurav Baruah - Publications


Gaurav Baruah, Richard McCreadie, Jimmy Lin,
"A Comparison of Nuggets and Clusters for Evaluating Timeline Summaries", CIKM 2017, Singapore.

Gaurav Baruah, Jimmy Lin,
"The Pareto Frontier of Utility Models as a Framework for Evaluating Push Notification Systems", Awarded **BEST SHORT PAPER** at ICTIR 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Royal Sequeira, Gaurav Baruah, Zhucheng Tu, Salman Mohammed, Jinfeng Rao, Haotian Zhang, Jimmy Lin,
"Exploring the Effectiveness of Convolutional Neural Networks for Answer Selection in End-to-End Question Answering", SIGIR 2017 Workshop on Neural Information Retrieval (Neu-IR 2017), Tokyo, Japan.

Luchen Tan, Gaurav Baruah, Jimmy Lin,
"On the Reusability of “Living Labs” Test Collections: A Case Study of Real-Time Summarization", SIGIR 2017, Tokyo, Japan.

Gaurav Baruah, Haotian Zhang, Rakesh Guttikonda, Jimmy Lin, Mark D. Smucker, and Olga Vechtomova,
"Optimizing Nugget Annotations with Active Learning", CIKM 2016, Indianapolis, U.S.A.
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Gaurav Baruah, 2016,
"Filtering News from Document Streams: Evaluation Aspects and Modeled Stream Utility", Ph.D. dissertation, University of Waterloo, Waterloo.
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Jimmy Lin, Charles L.A. Clarke, and Gaurav Baruah,
"Searching from Mars", IEEE Internet Computing 2016.

Gaurav Baruah, Adam Roegiest, and Mark D. Smucker,
"Pooling for User Oriented Evaluation Measures", ICTIR 2015, Northampton, U.S.A.
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Gaurav Baruah, Mark D. Smucker, and Charles L. A. Clarke,
"Evaluating Streams of Evolving News Events", SIGIR 2015, Santiago, Chile.
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[Data: Temporal Summarization Track 2013: Lengths of all submitted sentences.]
[Data: Temporal Summarization Track 2014: Lengths of all submitted sentences.]

Gaurav Baruah, Adam Roegiest, and Mark D. Smucker,
"The Effect of Expanding Relevance Judgements with Duplicates", SIGIR 2014, Gold Coast, Australia.
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[Data: Temporal Summarization Track 2013: Judged Pool Expanded with Exact Duplicates from the corpus.]

Gaurav Baruah, Rakesh Guttikonda, Adam Roegiest and Olga Vechtomova,
"University of Waterloo at the TREC 2013 Temporal Summarization Track", TREC 2013, Gaithersburg, U.S.A.
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